The Xaim Overwatch Aimbot is one that beats the competition with ease. Step into our world.

Over 100+ Positive feedback on the forums!

Xaim Overwatch


  • Hack has never been detected. Avoided all ban-waves.
  • Unique build for every user makes this the safest hack around.
  • Human-like aim avoids reports from players in game. Looks completely legit in replays and play of the games.
  • Encrypted program with additional private protection


  • Powerful custom profiles will have you dominating your competition
  • Different modes to do exactly what you want. Aim-assist, Powerful, and Rage modes.
  • Custom aim speeds and aim offsets for each profile, tuned for specific heroes
  • Randomized offsets aim just like a human would
  • Flick shot and heal bot newly added for additional strength


  • Smooth, human-like aim makes this hack safe to use in any game mode
  • Fully customizable settings to do exactly what you want
  • Never shakes in battles
  • One of the only Overwatch aimbots with no FPS drops
  • Supports all Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Xaim Overwatch Demo

A powerful and secure aimbot for Overwatch. Smooth, shakeless, no fps loss.

Start dominating your opponents today.

Flick shot and Heal bot

Flick shot works like a combined triggerbot and aimbot. Customizable settings lets you choose how accurate you want it to be. Heal bot targets friendly allies for you and shoots.

Some Widowmaker Sniping

Smoothest external bot you can find.

Snipe your targets with advanced screen scanning methods.

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What are people saying?

Reviews from our customers.
  • I bought this cheat 10 days ago and was pretty easy to set up and never had problems. Good job +1
  • Im top 500 right and I only spent 10 hours LUL.
  • Oh my god guys I just beat Kephrii in competitive!
  • I bought the pro version and I am happy to say that all the features are working in competitive and quickplay. I am a pleased customer.
  • Just bought the lifetime. Overall the tool is amazing, went from silver to low plat with 30hrs of gameplay, mainly playing solider, mccree and winston
  • After buying yesterday and trying out, i managed to get it running smoothly and accurate. Vouch for you!
  • Works properly and accurate on 75 scale thx for all the help. I find it really helpful ingame Plus your support works well in my case. 11/10.
  • by far the best aimbot Ive used. flickbot is insanely strong if used correctly. 10/10 considering lifetime
  • I've been using Xaim for 3 months now. I think I can finally give a proper positive review. I had started using the basic version, and I quickly purchased the lifetime version due to the value I find in this software. Customer Support has been great. The feedbacks and support may not be immediate at the second I send the e-mail, but since I play mostly during the evening, I find their response time fair, and all the problems I had experienced were solved with a few email/skype chat.